NIGERIA – Rite Foods Limited, a Food and Beverage company in Nigeria, has avowed plans to expand its products beyond the nation’s shores to other African countries under the new slogan, Proudly African.

According to Seleem Adegunwa, the company’s managing director, research and development are the topmost priority for the company, having led to the production of unrivaled brands that are top-notched in the sector it operates.

He affirmed that the move is intentional as the company’s products are not limited to the country alone, but are also available in other African countries.

Adegunwa pointed out that while Rite Foods started with the slogan, ‘Truly World-Class and Proudly Nigerian’, which describes the quality of what it was trying to achieve with a DNA and heritage that is completely Nigerian, the new twist shows that the brand is African-based and therefore, more Proudly African.

“We have an indigenous brand that operates on the world-class stage; so, these slogans are exactly what we are, but put into words, it shows our intention of expanding across Africa.”

“We do it frequently with our partners and suppliers to attain the desired quality for consumers’ satisfaction. The importance and value of working on them are to ensure that we are improving the brand equity, hence the need for appropriate slogans.”

Rite Foods’ product portfolio, comprises 13 variants of the Bigi carbonated soft drink, the Bigi Table Water, the Fearless energy drink consisting of the Fearless Classic and Fearless Red Berry, the five variants of Sosa Fruit Drink as well as the Rite and Bigi Sausages.

The Ososa-based company in Ogun State said its brands with their flavors stem from the continuous innovation adopted in the manufacturing processes which are carried out in a first-rate factory with up-to-the-minute technology and a skilled workforce.

Adegunwa pointed out that despite the stiff competition in the industry, the company’s product portfolio has continued to dictate the pace in the market, with their inventiveness, which has earned them numerous laurels at various awards ceremonies.

Established in 2007 as a subsidiary of Ess-Ay Holdings, Rite Foods’ inventiveness has also earned high recognition in the energy drinks market with the first-ever packaged polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle brands for the premium Fearless Red Berry and Fearless Classic.

The company which is at the forefront of implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies for human and societal development is currently partnering with quite a few organizations to support eco-friendly sustainability initiatives, especially in recycling polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic collections and also in developing recycling plants in the country.

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