FRANCE – Fermentalg, a microalgae supplier based in France has received another patent to engage in production and commercialization of omega 3 offering it a strong position in technology.

The company has also invested in a number of microalgae strains to add to 2,000 strains it already has, establishing a strong business view in several countries through patents.

With immense biodiversity and its know-how, Fermentalg is able to select microalgae capable of synthesizing natural products of high interest that is, oils rich in fatty acids (omega-3), natural pigments (phycocyanin, astaxanthin) and proteins.

The company has two major product families, oils rich in essential fatty acids and natural pigments which it produces directly from the company or through partnerships.

Reinforcement of its intellectual property and expansion of production capabilities gives room to explore new opportunities in omega 3 production.

“As soon as we saw the opportunity to acquire this technological expertise, we knew it would give us the competitive advantage needed to offer innovative products with a very high value-added to industry partners in our strategic markets of nutrition and health.

It is an acquisition that once again reflects Fermentalg’s position as a driver of innovation through the bio-industrial exploitation of microalgae,” said Hywel Griffiths, Chief Scientific Officer for Fermentalg.

Report by Grand View Research, Inc. (May 2017) has estimated that the global omega 3 supplements market is likely to hit US$57.07 billion by 2025.

A boost in growth could be attributed to changing consumer patterns with Asia-Pacific, the US, Latin America and Europe forming the major market segment for omega 3 products.

Signed agreement with Europe-wide distribution agreement with IMCD Group in 2017 aimed to foster growth in DHA350, omega 3-rich algal oil and DHA550 segments.

Fermentalg is set to seize increasing opportunities from the sports nutrition market due to rising preference for leading an active lifestyle coupled with growing awareness regarding omega-3 benefits.