NIGERIA- Online supermarket comparison firm, has launched Nigeria’s first supermarket price comparison website to enhance the consumer experience by getting value for money through price comparison.

Customers can either compare the price of an individual product across multiple supermarkets or compare the aggregated price of your shopping list, enabling them determine the most cost-efficient supermarket to suit their shopping requirements.

It allows customers to compare the price of groceries across different supermarkets in Nigeria starting with Lagos and also allows one to compare the price of fresh produce sold in the major open-air markets in Lagos.

According to Mrs Ayodeji Olawoye, consumer advocate and founder of, creation of the website was influenced by inflation households purchasing power.

“Nigeria’s recent economic challenges have resulted in high rates of inflation as well as significantly reduced household purchasing power.

This has led consumers in Nigeria to explore alternative means of stretching the household budget and create more value for money,” she said.

“The website also includes a supermarket directory with opening hours, deals with manufacturers of goods and supermarkets, delicious recipes and blog posts on grocery related matters.”

According to her, increased transparency in the consumer goods retail market will improve fairness for all stakeholders in the industry and lead to an improvement in the way the consumer is Nigeria are treated.

“Consumer behaviour is changing, with the Nigerian online retail sector forecasted to grow at CAGR of 21.4% to be over US$700 million by 2022.

An increasing number of people want to shop for their groceries online and find out the prices of their favourite brands prior to visiting supermarkets.”

“In the long-run, aims to be the largest consumer goods resource in Africa, providing a wide range of consumer-focused services across the continent,” she added.