SWITZERLAND – Firmenich, a worldwide company for creating fragrances and flavors has confirmed that it has completed the acquisition of Natural Flavors and Flavourome.

The company had intentions to acquire the pioneer in organic certified flavors last year so as to help combine Natural Flavour’s wide range of organic certified and natural flavor solutions with expertise to meet growing demand in food and beverage industry.

Patrick Firmenich, Chairman of the Board, Firmenich noted that the official incorporation into Firmenich group would help build on the Stein family’s vision in delivering natural and organic-certified flavors.

To satisfy the growing consumer needs for organic-certified products, Firmenich is privileged to utilize Natural Flavour’s rich portfolio of high quality, natural and organic flavors.

“We are excited to combine Natural Flavors’ best-in-class organic-certified portfolio with our expertise to offer our customers the broadest variety of creative natural solutions in our industry,” said Gilbert Ghostine, CEO, Firmenich.

Firmenich has also announced that it has successfully completed acquisition of Flavourome, South African based flavors company.

This comprises Firmenich’s investment plan to expand its presence in Africa, having already a market and a high-performing manufacturing facility in South Africa.

According to the CEO, Gilbert Ghostine, they were eying the vast population of Sub-Saharan Africa region which represents a strategic growth market for Firmenich.

The investment means that Firmenich was committed to address the customers’ wants and preferences both in South Africa and beyond.

“We are proud to have developed strong relationships with leading food companies in South Africa over the years that have supported our commitment to innovation and service.

I am also tremendously grateful to all the Flavourome employees who have fuelled our success,” said David Wright, CEO, Flavourome.

He added that Firmenich would be a great partner for their trusted customers and a great long-term home for their employees.