AUSTRIA – Leading flavours and fragrance company Firmenich has announced the opening of its expanded Savory and Culinary facility in Vienna, Austria as its centre of excellence for green protein.

The Firmenich European culinary team develops leading savory solutions for its customers, working with flavorists, sensory and application experts as the global centre of excellence for Soups and Green Proteins.

This new purpose-built facility confirms the company’s commitment to advancing its Savory and Culinary capabilities globally.

With the global population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, it is critical that we develop sustainable green protein solutions that taste great while offering a high nutritional profile,” says Gilbert Ghostine, CEO Firmenich.

“Our new Culinary Centre in Vienna is designed to deliver on this objective and shape the future of proteins with our customers.”

“Vienna is an important hub for our Savory business and this newly expanded facility will ensure we are able to continue developing the best solutions for our customers,” says Chris Millington, President of Flavors, and Firmenich.

“We are committed to investing in Savory ― not just the traditional business that we master well, but also into next generation alternative protein solutions.”

The company has also just launched “Culinary Anthropology”, a new and proprietary “design thinking” approach to developing savory products with customers through creative ideation and rapid prototyping.

During a Culinary Anthropology session, Firmenich takes customers through a series of exercises designed to spur creative thinking and extract business-relevant ideas from participants, including target consumer concept review.

“With today’s food industry in constant evolution, Culinary Anthropology aims to accelerate our speed of Savory innovation to best meet and anticipate the needs of our customers,” says Eduardo Pares, VP of Global Savory.

“This service is currently being offered to customers in Europe and North America, with plans to roll out to the rest of the world over the coming months.”