SOUTH AFRICA – Flexicon Corporation, an international designer and manufacturer of bulk handling equipment has unveiled a new sanitary bulk bag discharger.

The stainless steel equipment features an open channel construction for applications in which contamination of the product or equipment cannot be tolerated.

The company explains that unlike hollow steel frame members, the open-channel frame is devoid of cavities or recesses where bacteria, mould and other contaminants can breed.

Flexicon said that this allows quick and thorough wash down with water, steam or cleaning solution, reducing the risk of cross-contamination between changeovers and providing unobstructed inspection for verifying cleanliness.

The construction of equipment includes continuous welds, ground smooth and flush with adjoining members making its find applications in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical industries.

The firm says that the in new model, the discharger is equipped with a cantilevered I-beam with electric hoist and trolley for loading and unloading of bulk bags without the use of a forklift.

According to Flexicon, the bulk bag discharger is also supplied with flow-flexer bag activators that raise and lower opposite bottom edges of the bulk bag at timed intervals, promoting continuous and complete discharge of free- and non-free-flowing materials through the bag spout.

The bag spout interface features a patented spout-lock clamp ring that makes a high-integrity connection between the product side of the bag spout and the product side of the equipment, and a telescoping tube that maintains downward tension on the spout as the bag empties and elongates, promoting total evacuation.

Together, the devices prevent the escape of dust throughout the entire discharging process, from untying of bag spouts to retying of partially empty bags to collapsing and retying of empty bags.

Flexicon Corporation also manufacture flexible screw conveyors, tubular cable conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems, bulk bag conditioners, bulk bag fillers, drum and container tippers, manual dumping stations, weigh batching and blending systems, and engineered plant-wide bulk handling systems with automated controls.

The company is based in USA, UK, Germany, South Africa, Chile, Singapore, Australia and Spain manufactures a wide array of equipment in the food industry such as Bakery Products, beverage, meat, dairy, confectionery and grains.

It also produces equipment for the agriculture, pharmaceutical, water and plastics among other industries and is headquartered in USA.