KENYA – Capwell Industries Ltd, one of the largest flour milling companies in Kenya, has diversified into the biscuit business with the launch of a new biscuit range named Treatos.

According to Capwell, the biscuits are made using the latest technology and come in four flavor variants; Milk, Glucose, Digestive & Ginger.

“Using the latest technology, Treatos Biscuits are uniformly baked – not too hard, not too soft – giving a crunch and filling our consumers with delight with every bite,” the company said of the biscuits.

CEO Rajan Shah, who is also the chairman of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, said the move has been necessitated by the need to go deeper into value addition and make use of their already existing flour products.

“Today we are launching Treatos, a biscuit brand we’ve made using wheat flour, and now we are going to see how to add value to other grains and other ways to make more nutritious biscuits,” Shah said.

Treatos launch coincided with Capwell’s 25th anniversary celebrations. In an event to celebrate the company’s milestone, Shah narrated how Capwell was born.

He revealed that his dad, Dalichand Shah, who is also the chairman of the company, came up with the idea in 1997.

The company has since grown from a predominantly milling company into a diversfied food processing company with products extending beyond its flagship brand Soko maize meal flour.

Today, Capwell’s range include Pearl, Renee, and CIL brands of rice, Amaize premium maize meal flour, and Yola cereal milk drink.

The Soko brand has since been expanded and is today comprised of maize meal, home baking flour and a range of porridge mixes including Pure wimbi, wimbi mix, and baby weaning porridge mix.

Earlier this year, the Thika-based milling company was crowned with the New Product of the Year Award for their innovative product, Soko Nutrigo Whole Grain Maize Meal, at the Africa Food Awards 2023, held in Nairobi, Kenya.

Accepting the Award, Capwell said that the innovative product, Soko Nutrigo, is a 100% wholegrain maize flour, fortified with vitamins and minerals to deliver top-notch taste and nutrient density, adding that the company was inspired by the shift in consumer behavior seeking products that deliver better nutrition.

To maintain quality and guarantee the freshness of the product, Capwell highlighted that the flour is foil-packed, extending its shelf life to 6 months. It comes in 1kg and 2kg packs and is available in all leading retail outlets in the country.

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