NIGERIA – Flour Mills of Nigeria has partnered with Federal Government’s Industrial Training Fund (ITF) to launch a youth capacity development training and empowerment programme.

The programme initiated through its Niger Mills, Calabar division, will work to improve capabilities of the youth in delivering meaningful contribution towards national development.

According to the company, the new programme will promote effective participation and include the young generation in development, as well as engage the youths in Nigeria to not only develop individuals but also promote the wellbeing of the society they live in.

The launch was marked by unveiling the first set of beneficiaries for the programme.

“At Niger Mills, we are passionate about improving and enriching the lives of our host communities.

We are excited at the prospects of this training scheme, and will continue to invest in projects that positively impact on our environment,” said Christiaan Rautenbach, General Manager, Niger Mills Calabar.

He said that Niger Mills was passionate about improving, enriching the lives of their host communities and the training scheme had the potential to cause progress in the communities.

The company was embarking on investment plans that will help bring up youth who are confident enough to make decisions and implement positive change for themselves and others in the society.

“We have also completed arrangements to provide each beneficiary, who successfully complete the training with the basic facilities to help them start up a small-scale business and become employers of labour themselves,” added Christiaan.

In a statement, Joseph Umolu, the Company Secretary/ Director, Legal services, Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc revealed that the youth development programme was part of the company’s Social Responsibility projects.

Flour Mills of Nigeria was keen on improving the living standards of people in the areas they operate in by utilizing the potential of young people to bring change in the society.

Apart from enhancing youth competence, confidence and connections, the program will also promote social skills through activities and projects that promotes socio-economic development in the society.

Joseph Umolu further said that the set of beneficiaries will be granted a monthly stipend during their training period which was likely to take between six months and one year.