CANADA – The joint venture company between AB InBev and Tilray, Fluent Beverage Company has unveiled that it will be commercializing non-alcoholic CBD- infused drinks in Canada.

Fluent Beverage plans to have the beverages on the Canadian market as early as December this year, citing that it needs more time to research on beverages containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

While Fluent Beverage is also awaiting relevant regulatory approvals, the company says that it has already determined how to formulate beverages containing cannabidiol (CBD), in a way that keeps the active ingredients stable.

However, Fluent Beverage Company’s chief executive Jorn Socquet notes that THC has proven much more unstable necessitating the need to continue its ongoing research on non-alcohol beverages containing THC.

“We have assembled a team with best-in-class expertise from the beverage and cannabis industries and together we are reaching higher for our consumers, with a shared commitment to setting the standard for product quality and responsible marketing.

“We’re not going to rush it, because again, we want to always deliver a safe experience for our consumers. We look forward to building the future of CBD-infused beverages at Fluent. Obviously, we are aiming to be in market as soon as possible,” he added.

Socquet maintains that Fluent is preparing to launch its portfolio of CBD-infused products in Canada in December, depending on the various provincial and territorial bodies governing cannabis retail and distribution.

Canada legalized cannabis for recreational use in October last year, starting with dried and fresh flower, seeds, plants and oils, but legislation governing next-generation products such as edibles, beverages, vapes and topicals is expected to come into force in October this year.

This has catalyzed investment in the sector as more companies seek to have their share in the lucrative production and sale of cannabis derivative products.

Molson Coors Canada has partnered with Hydropothecary Corporation to create a joint venture selling CBD-infused drinks while Constellation Brands has also invested US$5 billion in Canopy Growth.

This also saw AB InBev form the joint venture with Tilray last December to research non-alcohol beverages containing THC and CBD.

AB InBev participates in the partnership through its Labatt Breweries of Canada subsidiary and Tilray through its High Park Company subsidiary, which offers a range of cannabis brands and products in Canada.