NEW ZEALAND – Fonterra has added a new range of cheese with a lactose free option, to add to its Anchor brand in New Zealand with introduction of five new varieties.

According to the company, these include the traditional varieties including Tasty, Colby and Edam as well as two new additions – Protein+ and Zero Lacto options.

Protein+ has 26 per cent more protein than Anchor Tasty and is an easy way for Kiwis to increase protein in their diets.

On the other hand, Zero Lacto aims to address health needs of consumers that is, prevents individuals with a lactose intolerance from making dietary sacrifices since it contains no lactose but still has the calcium and protein benefits of dairy.

The new range provides consumers with a wider portfolio to choose from, in addition to other 160 Anchor products that are today shared in more than 80 countries around the world.

“We’re excited to see our Anchor cheese in the fridges. It’s giving Kiwi’s back one of the most trusted and liked brands in cheese.

“Our Zero Lacto cheese has been introduced as an additional option for Kiwis with lactose intolerance.

“While most hard cheese is naturally low in lactose this is batch tested to ensure there is no lactose, providing a guaranteed lactose free cheese option,” said Clare Morgan, Fonterra Brands New Zealand Director of Marketing.

In order to expand reach, Fonterra partnered with a2 Milk with a focus on growing not only the nutritional category but also extend the range of products to cheese and butter.

It has also been seeking market expansion outside New Zealand into other prospective markets in USA, Australia, UK and China.

Fonterra joined e-commerce giant Alibaba’s new retail concept, Hema Fresh to launch Daily Fresh milk range as a way of increasing domestic demand for higher-quality fresh products.