NEW ZEALAND – Fonterra, a New Zealand multinational dairy co-operative, has expanded its protein range by the launch of high-flavoured drinks, Anchor Protein+ to its New Zealand market.

According to the company, the new beverage features 20g of protein per serve and unlike most flavoured milk drinks, contains no added sugar, and the first time Kiwis have been able to buy a product of its kind in local stores.

It is the third in a string of beverages released by Fonterra recently with a focus on sugar reduction.

The new Primo and Mammoth flavoured milks both contain 40 per cent less added sugar.

Darren Moffat, Fonterra’s General Manager of Ready-to-Drink Beverages, said Fonterra’s technologists spent two years developing a product that’s highly nutritious, as well as great tasting.

“Anchor Protein+ flavoured milk is the perfect choice for people wanting a high protein, better-for-you beverage.

People are increasingly seeking out nutritious on-the-go snack options, and there’s a growing awareness of the importance of protein.

As a result, demand for snacking options with good levels of protein has skyrocketed over recent years,” said Mr Moffat.

Fonterra’s Head of Nutrition Mindy Wigzell said the Anchor Protein+ range provides convenient ways for New Zealanders to consume protein throughout the day.

“Our bodies need protein every day and getting more than just the minimum requirement is good for optimal health. Research also shows spreading protein intake throughout the day can help our bodies use protein more efficiently,” said Ms Wigzell.

As well as being high in protein, Anchor Protein+ flavoured milk has no added sugar.

All three beverages are produced at Apollo’s new plant in Hawke’s Bay which has innovative beverage filling technology.

Anchor Protein+ flavoured milk comes in three flavours: vanilla, chocolate and mixed berry, all of which are made with real milk and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.