Food ingredient company Chr. Hansen unveils FreshQ DA, a bioprotection solution for fermented plant-based products

DENMARK – Global bioscience company Chr. Hansen has expanded its FreshQ line with the launch of FreshQ DA, a bioprotection solution designed for fermented plant-based products.

According to Chr. Hansen, FreshQ DA is a food culture that helps strengthen fermentation of plant-based products, providing better protection against spoilage caused by yeasts and moulds.

As well as keeping foods safe and fresh for longer, Chr. Hansen says that its FreshQ solution can help manufacturers meet demand for food with fewer artificial ingredients.

It further notes that extending freshness can also help companies become more sustainable, by reducing waste in the value chain.

“FreshQ DA consists of lactic acid bacteria selected for its ability to out-compete contaminants through fermentation. It works in a variety of plant bases to help keep products fresh for longer.”

Peter Thoeysen – Chr. Hansen’s director of bioprotection

Bioprotection uses ‘good bacteria’ to fight ´bad bacteria’, yeast and mould, to help keep food fresh from the inside out.

Using fermentation for this is a well-known concept in the dairy world, and it offers similar potential for the fermented plant-based foods industry.

With fermentation-driven bioprotection, producers are better equipped to build consumer trust in their brand by improving product quality in a natural way.

Improving quality and shelf life can also help reduce food waste at the global level.

According to report by the Guardian UK, each year 1.3bn tonnes of food, about a third of all that is produced, is wasted, including about 45% of all fruit and vegetables.

Chr. Hansen says that providing consumers with an extended window during which to consume the food they purchase would help to reduce this wastage.

The food ingredient company also recently launched a new range of next-generation Premium cultures that it claims helps fresh dairy producers meet demands for immune health.

According to the Chr. Hansen, the cultures named YoFlex Premium and Nu-trish Premium can be used for creating high-texture yogurts with fewer additives and a healthier profile.

The company further claimed that these premium cultures also help improve margins by reducing the need for expensive skim milk powder and can be used to create healthier, premium yogurts with the optimal amount of probiotics.

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