NIGERIA – Ibadan-based consumer goods company, FoodCo Nigeria Limited, has launched the FoodCo Retail Leadership Program that corresponds with its commitment to building capacity for modern retail in Nigeria by providing a platform for knowledge and skills training for aspiring professionals and leading omnichannel retailers.

FoodCo’s retail leadership program is designed to provide participants with the job knowledge and hands-on experience they need to succeed in their retail careers, as well as make a positive impact in their communities.

In addition to offering a unique blend of on-the-job training, mentorship, and classroom learning, the program aims to expose participants to specialized courses and real-time immersion in modern retail functions to produce participants with a well-rounded and comprehensive experience.

The program comprises practical and theoretical modules in a range of disciplines, including Audit & Finance, Retail Operations & Management, and food production. It will also provide an opportunity to network with industry experts and make meaningful connections that can benefit their careers.

Chief Executive Officer, FoodCo Nigeria, Ade Sun-Basorun, expressed optimism that the program would address the talent gap in the Nigerian formal retail sector and help build capacity to drive growth and sustainability within the space.

Sun-Basorun added: “As retail continues to reposition itself to meet changing dynamics of the technological era and shifts in customer demands, there is an urgent need for operators to build capacity that adequately addresses the needs of the market.”

“Given our history as one of the pioneers of modern retail in Nigeria, we understand the challenge of getting fit-for-purpose human capital to drive growth within the industry. That’s the motivation behind this program. We believe that it will be an important intervention that will help nurture the next generation of leaders for Nigeria’s formal retail industry.”

According to the company, the program is an investment in the future generation dominated by young people who are eager to learn and make a difference.

The Nigerian retail industry has experienced substantial growth in recent years, contributing to economic development and job creation.

By investing in modern methods and technologies, the sector has enabled more Nigerians to access quality goods and services, making it a key driver of economic prosperity.

The industry has also been a key driver for job creation, employing more than one million people directly and stimulating the growth of other businesses in related fields.

To this end, Nigerian retail companies account for a significant portion of the country’s GDP, with the sector contributing an estimated 10-15 percent, according to Business Day of Nigeria.

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