NIGERIA – Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, a fast-growing African manufacturer of extracts for spices, ingredients, and flavors, has introduced food texture and stabilizer systems, which will help to preserve food and minimize wastage in the Nigerian market.

Other than optimizing value for every Naira spent on food, the company said the Freddy Hirsch texture and stabilizer solutions also help make food more enticing and more appetizing.

A food stabilizer, when added to food products, helps to preserve or even enhance the natural texture, taste, feel in the mouth, and presentation of the food, among others.

Food stabilizers are particularly employed in bakeries, the dairy industry, the confectionary industry, sauces, meat processing as well as oil and fat applications.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the African market for food stabilizers is projected to register a CAGR of 2.1% over the forecast period 2020-2025.

The demand for stabilizers in the bakery and confectionery industries has witnessed a significant increase in the market as stabilizers make up a small part of the final product but have a significant impact on the final packaged product.

Kojo Brifo, Managing Director of Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, noted that the Freddy Hirsch texture and stabilizer solutions are the aftermath of many years of research and development.

“We are very encouraged by the positive feedback we continue to receive from the several bakeries, ice-cream companies, dairy companies, and others which have begun using these stabilizers.”

He hinted that the stabilizers have been lauded by several food companies, including bakeries and ice cream companies, which have begun using them.

Guided by its vision of emerging as an indispensable intermediary in the food value chain in West Africa, Brifo said the company is not resting on its laurels and will continue to innovate to deliver value to all stakeholders.

Currently, Freddy Hirsch operates in several African countries, including Nigeria, which is the epicenter of its West Africa operations.

This new launch follows the debut of a range of bouillon flavors, which are traditionally sought after in West African markets, for the local quick-service restaurant (QSR) sector, in July.

Typically made up of salt, sugars, starch, vegetable fats, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, herbs, and spices, bouillon is a versatile ingredient in African food as it enhances the flavor of dishes, including soups and stew.

Bouillon delivers the umami taste, a meaty, savory profile with fullness and the sensations that characterize African meals.

The bouillon seasonings were developed from rising consumer preference for low-cost, easy-to-use, and intense flavors used in African soups and stews.

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