ANGOLA –  A delegation of French businessmen recently visited Angola and expressed their intentions of expanding their investments and increasing the number of companies operating in the agricultural and livestock sectors in the country.

The group constituted investors from CFCAI, a grain-drying multinational company, COOPEX, a specialist in bovine genetics and IDENA, a company that produces feed and food supplements for animals.

This was during a meeting held by the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Livestock, João Bartolomeu da Cunha when the businessmen revealed their unanimous agreement that Angola is a favourable business environment with immense potential.

COOPEX’s managing director disclosed that his company intends to develop a project that would raise “Montbéliarde” cattle in Angola, in an effort to streamline the process of manufacturing and processing milk in the country.

He announced that for the first phase of the project, the company will bring 165 heads of cattle to the country later this year, to test their adaptation in the region.

João Bartolomeu on the other hand communicated that the meeting with the businessmen allowed for ideas to be exchanged regarding agricultural and agro-industrial production in Angola.

He expressed that the actualisation of the businessmen’s intentions will prove enormously beneficial to the country, mainly through obtaining knowledge and cutting-edge technology which will be used to propel the growth of the livestock sector.

60 French companies already operate in Angola, in various socio-economic sectors of the country, which has allowed the creation of more than 10,000 jobs, according to the French-Angola Business Club (CEFA )

This is on account of the bilateral cooperation between France and Angola that dates back to 1982.

200,000 head of cattle to be vaccinated in Namibe

Meanwhile in a campaign that started on 1st March 200,000 heads of cattle are set to be vaccinated in five municipalities in Namibe city.

The cows are being vaccinated against pleuropneumonia, symptomatic and hematic anthrax, as well as nodular dermatitis.

The head of veterinary services in Namibe Luis Paulo spoke to Angop in an interview and announced that last year, 48,712 cows were immunised.

He said that the campaign was launched in Carujamba village and is manned by 68 technicians, divided into 15 brigades.

Luis urged all farmers to avail their animals to the vaccination areas so that they can be disease free.

He expressed his regret toward the lack of sufficient doses to meet the number of animals to be vaccinated but he affirmed all involved parties that more doses are scheduled to be delivered into the country before the end of the campaign.

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