NETHERLANDS – The Dutch multinational dairy cooperative, FrieslandCampina has unveiled a new, innovative cardboard liter pack for its chocolate milk brand Chocomel made of 80% raw plant material made by Tetra Pak.

The liter pack, made of wood and sugar has an iconic yellow color and its plastic cap and the outer plastic layer are made from plants.

The company regards the packaging as sustainable and move towards circular economy since the materials are based on waste plant material that is leftover once all the edible parts have been taken out.

The 80% threshold grants the company the highest possible four-star certificate from Vincottes certification program: Ok Biobased, a certification that indicates the packaging of a product enhances sustainability by reducing effects of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases.

According to the independent Swedish environmental research institute IVL, the pack yields a CO2 saving of 17%.

It complements its route2020 strategy in sustainable growth and value creation with a goal to ensure better nutrition for the world’s consumers, a good living for farmers and for generations to come.

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Jan-Willem ter Avest, Director of Corporate Media Relations said, “FrieslandCampina is working on the retention of pasture grazing, continuous improvement of animal health and animal welfare and the preservation of biodiversity.

The aim is to reduce the use of scarce natural resources such as water, raw materials and fossil fuels. FrieslandCampina aims to keep the emission of greenhouse gases in 2020 equal to 2010 levels.”

FrieslandCampina aims to use only agricultural raw materials and paper packaging by 2020, from fully sustainably managed sources in a bid to achieve climate-neutral growth.

The company said it already purchases agricultural raw materials from sustainably managed sources include products such as cocoa, soy oil, palm oil, cane sugar, starch and paper packaging, which all have globally recognized certificates.

This announcement follows that of Arla’s plant-based packaging, Signature pack from SIG entirely produced from renewable plant material.

Innovative approaches to sustainable packaging are driven by increasing consumer demand for more ethical packaging options for food and beverages.