NETHERLANDS – FrieslandCampina, a Dutch multinational dairy cooperative, has partnered with De Nieuwe Melkboer, a startup in the alternative dairy space, to develop a local chain for plant-based dairy alternatives.

De Nieuwe Melkboer has been on the market for a year and a half with a soy drink and plant-based alternative to yogurt, and now has the ambition to further expand its range.

The company founded by Bart and Tom Grobben, is the first company in the Netherlands to use locally-grown protein crops to make dairy alternatives, which revealed to have identified a gap in the market.

The startup noted that the Netherlands has a progressive agricultural sector, and this should also include a local chain for plant-based dairy alternatives

Through the partnership with FrieslandCampina, De Nieuwe Melkboer hopes to further develop a local supply chain, taking advantage of the cooperative’s knowledge and experience in this area.

The Dutch dairy giant hinted to gain insights into this new local chain and look into new growth opportunities for the member farmers in its cooperative using this new partnership.

Dustin Woodward, MD of FrieslandCampina Netherlands, added: “De Nieuwe Melkboer responds creatively to two important trends: local and plant-based.”

We are delighted that De Nieuwe Melkboer has its origins at the dairy farm of one of our members and we are happy to support Bart and Tom in realizing their dream.”

The start-up with the ambition to revolutionize the alternative dairy sector by creating the first Dutch plant-based seed-to-product chain believes in the potential of a local and transparent product that contributes to sustainability.

The plant-based food market has been on the rise in recent years due to increasing intolerance for animal protein among consumers, changing the trend of consumers to veganism, according to Vantage Market Research’s report.

The report adds that the rising consciousness among consumers regarding animal health is also driving the growth of Plant Based Food Market.

The market research firm adds that the total Global Plant Based Food Market valued at US$40.21 Billion in 2021 is projected to reach US$78.95 Billion by 2028 exhibiting a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.90%.

Tapping into the growing space, FrieslandCampina made another venture into the plant-based market in December 2021 through a collaboration with AGT Foods.

The partners developed two protein products called Plantaris Pea Isolate 85 and Plantaris Faba Isolate 90 A, which are said to have a cleaner and more neutral taste than most similar products.

FrieslandCampina highlighted that both solutions have been designed to overcome common formulation challenges associated with plant proteins – particularly pea proteins flavor off-notes.

The multinational dairy company is also a key player in the hydrolyzed protein market that is witnessing steady growth in the food and beverages segment.

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