ISRAEL – Frutarom, a flavor and fragrance company, has signed an agreement with Spanish biotech company AB-Biotics to acquire its iron deficiency ingredient AB-Fortis.

AB-Fortis is a patent-protected micro-encapsulation technology that enables delivery of iron with increased biological absorption, while avoiding the side effects of metallic taste and digestive problems.

According to the company, this is the company’s tenth acquisition of the year so far and the product provides a unique and innovative way to effectively administer a daily dose of iron.

In 2013 Frutarom and AB-Biotics signed a marketing agreement for AB-Fortis and following product launches in Europe, Asia and Latin America, Frutarom has decided to acquire the technology and expand its activity.

Frutarom has also recently acquired full ownership of Israeli ingredients company Enzymotec for approximately US$210 million.

“Coating the iron using AB-Fortis’ unique micro-encapsulation technology significantly increases the ability of the iron to be absorbed in the tissues, makes the iron tasteless and allows for the administering of a lower dosage along with a significant reduction in side effects,” the company said in a statement.

According to Frutarom, the AB-Fortis technology will join its established specialty fine ingredients, where the company  develops, produces and markets active substances and natural specialty patent protected extracts with scientifically proven healthy qualities backed by clinical trials.

“The acquisition of the AB-Fortis technology continues the fulfilment of Frutarom’s broad strategic drive to strengthen its position as a leading, innovative global supplier of natural specialty products and functional food components in the fields of taste and health.

AB-Fortis’ unique micro-encapsulation technology expands Frutarom’s diverse product portfolio in the growing field of specialty health ingredients,” said President of Frutarom’s Natural Product Solutions Unit Yoni Glickman.

“Delivering iron supplementation in a bio-available and palatable manner is an important objective for many of our food and supplement customers and we continue to work with them closely to bring this and other innovative solutions that combine our core competencies in taste and health.”