UK – Fuel10K, maker of breakfast drinks, porridge pots, chunky granola, wheat biscuits, to multigrain flakes has added to its portfolio with the launch of Mini Yogs yogurt drinks, three peanut butters, and an expansion of its porridge range.

The new yoghurt drink, which is made with 100% natural fruit and milk will retail at US$3.80 targeting a younger group of consumers who are in dire need of healthier products.

“Breakfast drinks are a significant category that is experiencing considerable growth due to its appeal to younger adults.

“Consumer habits are changing, and traditional brands have been slow to meet the needs of younger millennial consumers, who are moving away from traditional boxed cereals to alternative more convenient sources,” said Barney Mauleverer, co-founder of Fuel10K.

As the demand for less sugary products increase each day, Fuel10K was providing consumers with a more protein-aceous drink not compromised on taste, available in 200ml packs.

Fuel10K, a brand owned by Fresh Marketing has gone a mile in its high-protein breakfast portfolio, adding to its ‘Quark With Fruit’ containing about 10g of protein and 115g calories per 150g squeezable pouch of flavored quark.

The peanut butters were available in three varieties including smooth version made with 99.5% roasted peanuts, a crunchy super seed butter with sunflower and chia seeds and a chocolate flavour made with cocoa powder and coconut sugar.

“We want to give peanut butter lovers a new, more convenient way to consume their favourite morning spread.

Usage of nut butters are evolving and are now used in smoothies, on porridge, with fruit, on pancakes as well as on good old toast.

“Fuel10K peanut butters deliver clean morning energy that is convenient when eaten at home or on the go and we believe we have a clear role to play for the health-conscious gen X and millennials,” said Barney Mauleverer, Fuel10K founder.

According to Mauleverer, the use of nut butters was through an evolving phase and they were used in smoothies, on porridge, with fruit, on pancakes and toast and the company was delivering peanut butters convenient to be eaten at home or on-the-go.

The new range of porridge included a low sugar and dairy free variant made with rolled oats, plant proteins and natural sweeteners, with either golden syrup flavour notes or crunchy peanut pieces and were retailing at US$1.41.

“Our own research found that 68% of consumers are concerned about sugar levels and a further 58% are looking for more protein in their diet

We’re targeting those whose needs are not being met by traditional cereal providers, focusing on their dietary needs by cutting the sugar and adding a diary free option,” added Mauleverer.

Mini Yogs will be available in two flavors, strawberry and peach flavors adding to its portfolio of breakfast drinks.