GERMANY – Technology solutions provider GEA Group has developed a new machine design for flavor manufacturers that ensure consistent, high quality flavour products.

The new machine design incorporates new control and cleaning elements that will ensure a clean and safe production process, right from raw materials reception to production of the finished products.

According to the company, the new flavor creations will be carried out using the new design but at the same time ensuring the new products are not very different from original ones in terms of taste, consistency and repeatability of their products.

The flavor taste will be achieved through a combination of raw materials while closely monitoring the manufacturing process because a variation in the method may result to variation in the final product.

Use of control and automation technology in the manufacturing process would help alter any deviations in the product in order to produce quality consistent flavors.

Variations in the final product could be caused by inconsistent temperature, insufficient mixing, incomplete homogenization or variation in oil droplet size.

The new integrated GEA line controls not only all the unit operations but also the output.

Introduction of rotating-ball cleaning system will ensure that GEA meets the hygiene regulations by eliminating odours and residues.

Above all, the advanced cleaning system will help eliminate lingering of one product into the other, as this problem weighs heavily on the consistency and quality of the final flavors.

GEA has eliminated sharp edges or dead zones in the machines, pipework and valve systems and replaced them with special materials that provide smooth surfaces to prevent product from adhering on the vessel.

The new system’s CIP module has been improved by regulating the size of cleaning fluid tanks and choosing good gasket materials to ensure that they don’t harbour part of product thus, ensuring efficiency.

An efficient CIP system enables fast product changeover, reduced downtime, minimal waste and low use of water and detergents, says GEA.

The control system on the GEA line is also able to allow sequenced production, ensuring improved efficiency by initiating a thorough clean-up (CIP) of the production system after every operation.

Melon or strawberry flavors that are considered as purer flavors are first processed while stronger flavors such as orange, garlic, chilli, curry, etc., that are usually mixed with dishes are processed later.