Ghana’s beverage company launches new US$2.2m Tetra Pak juice line

GHANA – Kasapreko Company Limited, a manufacturer and producer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in Ghana, commissioned a new automated carton aseptic juice line following a US$2.2 million investment.

According to the company, the juice production line will produce Kiddy Pak juice drinks to serve the young adults market, reports GhanaWeb.

According to Chris Addo-Sarkodie, US$2.2 million the state-of-the-art Tetra Pak production line will enable the company produce about 800,000 packs of Kiddy pack juice to be distributed on a daily basis.

“…It cost the company 2.2million dollars to set up this production plant and this was successful with our partners Tetra Pak Group Company who actually came down to ensure that within two years we’ve been able to set up this factory here at Spintex.”

The juice products comes under four brands; Super Star Multi Fruit Juice, Royal Apple Juice, Royal Red Grape and Kiki Milk Juice packaged in a 200ml Tetra Pak.

Speaking during the launch in the last quarter 2018, Richard Adjei managing Director of the beverage company, through the investment, Kasapreko will be able to meet its ambitions of producing high quality products to satisfy the market.

 “We are always keen to cater for the growing needs of the Ghanaian consumers and that is why we constantly innovate high quality and affordable products to meet all needs.

We are excited to expand this new category, which will magnify our horizons. We are thankful to Tetra Pak for offering us cutting-edge solutions while maintaining the highest standards of food safety and operational performance in a sustainable fashion,” he said.

The company said that the packaging material – designed by Tetra Pak – offer a high protection from light, oxygen, loss of flavour and odour intake by the products through its six-layer packaging.

Additionally, the production line employs high technology used to maximize the destruction of micro-organisms, which allows an unopened aseptic package to be stored without the need for refrigeration for up to 6 months.

Chris Addo-Sarkodie revealed that the company is yet to invest in another factory in Kumasi as it cements its position in the ever growing Ghanaian market demand.

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