GHANA – Niche Confectionery Limited, a chocolate manufacturer and subsidiary of Niche Cocoa Ltd Ghana, launched 12 more varieties of its Niche Chocolate products.

The company said the products include; extra dark (72% cocoa), dark (56% cocoa), milk (38% cocoa) and nine milk chocolate flavours; coconut, ginger, orange, strawberry, banana, mango, lime, honey and coffee.

Mr Edmund Poku, the Managing Director of Niche Cocoa Industry Ltd said the company launched the products into the market to capitalise on affordability and diversity of chocolate products.

“The smaller sizes will also boost a culture of gift giving and promote brand awareness as bites are given as hotel snacks and included in airline meals,” Mr Poku added.

According to Mr Poku, each of the 12 Niche varieties comes at five-bite pack, totaling 62.5 grams and will retail at GH¢6 (US$1.14).

“Also available are two types of 24-bite packs. One is variety pack with all nine milk chocolate flavours and the second pack contains Dark 56 percent cocoa bites for serious dark chocolate lovers,” he added.

Mr Poku said that the products come at a quality and designed package under the tag line “Taste of Ghana” aimed at promoting the country’s heritage.

“The gold logo and design on each pack reflect Ghana’s tradition of gold and royalty while the Adinkra symbol evokes Ghana’s strong local culture and heritage,” Mr Poku added.

The company also unveiled plans of introducing chocolate spreads and drinks within the year.

Niche Cocoa Industry Ltd, the parent company of Niche Confectionery Limited is a wholly owned Ghanaian company and was integrated as a cocoa company in 2011.

The company engages in cocoa processing with the conversion of locally sources cocoa beans into semi-finished products including cocoa liquor, butter, chocolate bars cake and powder to serve both the international and local market.

Niche Confectionery was established in 2018 as a stand-alone company, focused on chocolates and chocolate-based confectioneries which are produced fully in Ghana using 100% Ghana cocoa beans.