Givaudan acquires Nutrition Division of Centroflora Group

BRAZIL – Givaudan, a global leader in flavours and fragrances, has announced it shall be acquiring the Centroflora Group Nutrition Division as part of its 2020 strategy to strengthen its global offering of natural extracts.

According to Givaudan, the acquisition of the Centroflora Nutrition Group will  develop its presence in Brazil as it will offer a wide variety of plant extracts from various regions, especially in Brazil’s great biodiversity.

“The acquisition of Centroflora’s Nutrition Division fits well with our 2020 strategy to expand our offering in naturals and is aligned with our sustainability goals.

It offers a unique opportunity to strengthen our naturals sourcing platform for Givaudan’s flavours, fragrances and cosmetics businesses.

Centroflora’s comprehensive sustainability management programme will reinforce our company’s contribution to preserving the environment, stimulating the well-being of communities from which we source, and safeguarding resources for the long term”, said Gilles Andrier, CEO of Givaudan.

With its headquarters and a manufacturing facility in Botucatu, Brazil, Centroflora Nutra employs about 116 people and exports products globally.

The company manufactures botanical extracts and dehydrated fruits for the food, beverage and consumer goods sectors.

“Balancing consumer needs for natural products while preserving natural resources is a top priority for Givaudan.

The combination of Centroflora’s natural extracts portfolio and its sustainability leadership with our long heritage in naturals and sustainable sourcing will bring numerous benefits to our customers, employees and communities in Brazil and globally”, said Mauricio Graber, President of Givaudan’s Flavour Division.

On proforma basis, Centroflora Nuta’s business will have represented approximately US$17.43million of improved sales to Givaudan’s results in 2017.

The transaction is expected to close early 2018.

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