SWITZERLAND – Givaudan has announced that it has completed the acquisition of the Nutrition Division of Centroflora Group (Centroflora Nutra), a manufacturer of botanical extracts and dehydrated fruits.

Centroflora Nutra is located in Botucatu, Brazil and its acquisition according to Givaudan, forms part of its 2020 strategy to strengthen its presence in Brazil and further expand into the global space.

The acquisition combines Centroflora’s natural extracts portfolio and a comprehensive sustainability management programme with Givaudan’s global leadership in flavors and fragrances business.

“This acquisition is aligned with our ambition to support food and beverage companies in developing great tasting products that align with consumer demands for clean label, organic and natural ingredients.

Centroflora Nutra´s product portfolio will complement Givaudan’s existing capabilities in natural flavors, kitchen ingredients, integrated solutions and functional ingredients,” said Louie D´Amico, President of Givaudan’s Flavour Division.

Givaudan is seeking to tap from a shifting global trend as consumers embark on healthy living and wellbeing.

Purchasing decisions in this segment are driven by the stance that products with natural ingredients are viewed by consumers as healthier and of better quality than more highly processed products.

“There is also a strong trend towards authenticity and going ‘back to basics’. Consumers are looking for food and drink products with short ingredients lists and simple ‘kitchen cupboard’ ingredients – as close as possible to home-made – and the move towards botanicals reflects this,” said Ingrid Janson, Givaudan to FoodIngredientsFirst.

In an earlier analysis, Centroflora Nutra’s business will have represented approximately US$17.43million of improved sales to Givaudan’s results in 2017 on a proforma basis.

While terms of the deal have not been disclosed, Givaudan had indicated will fund the transaction from existing resources.