KENYA – Glovo, a Spanish quick-commerce firm, is expanding its services to reach many users of different walks-off life through the Kibanda Bubble platform, which has been on a pilot series for the last three months.

The new platform seeks to broaden from the domain of established fast-food outlets, local restaurants, cafes, and big hotels to now reach budget hotels, locally called “vibanda” or “vibandaski.”

 Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can sign up and start using the platform to offer their users access to affordable meals.

Upon signing the collaboration agreement with Glovo, owners are offered an onboarding experience where they are shown how to handle the orders, how to contact partner support if they have any questions, and personalized insights so they can get the most benefits out of the app.

“As Glovo, we are aiming to be a catalyst for SMEs around the country through these partnerships with Kibanda owners as we bridge the gap where affordability meets convenience,” the firm said.

“Most owners have noted since joining the App, it has been good for business with sales going up and getting clients that they normally would not get if they fully depended on walk-in clients.”

The firm noted that Kibanda’s business orders in the Kibanda bubble have increased by 435%, meaning Glovo has managed to deliver x5 more local meals through its Kibanda bubble in only 3 months.

Glovo General Manager for Kenya Priscilla Muhiu said most owners have noted that since joining the app, it has been good for business, with sales going up and getting clients that they would normally not get if they fully depended on walk-in clients.

The most ordered meals in the Kibanda bubble include beef stew, chapati, ugali, Ndengu, bean stew, and matumbo, which are all local cuisines in Nairobi.

Glovo is also in partnership with Nairobi County to support and empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) operating within Nairobi by actively promoting the achievement of the county’s sustainability goals.

Caroline Mutuku, General Manager of Glovo Kenya said during the signing of the MoU that Glovo was proud to partner with the County of Nairobi to support local businesses and further enhance the benefits and safety of couriers in the region, matters that have always been a key priority for the firm.

The MoU outlines that Glovo will provide tools and solutions to help businesses in Nairobi reach more customers, allowing businesses to digitize their operations and manage more efficiently.

The e-commerce company will also support the implementation of digital transformation programs and provide training sessions and development tools to help SMEs grow, as well as help SMEs access financial services and funding to support their growth.

Glovo will also continue to increase the social rights and benefits available to couriers, regardless of employment or work status with the company.

Within the commitment, Glovo organizes voluntary safety sessions for couriers and provides access to training courses to help couriers develop professional skills.

In addition, it will commit to promoting the county’s sustainable development goals in the delivery sector, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting environmentally friendly packaging.

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