NETHERLANDS –  Leading global supplier of food colors, GNT has as extended its range of green EXBERRY Coloring Foods made from turmeric and spirulina to include new additions for bakery and seasoning applications.

“They’re designed for cases where moisture content needs to be limited, which can include bakery applications and seasonings and dry mixes such as cakes with flavors such as pistachio,” explains Jill Janssen, Market Development Specialist GNT Group.

The company says that the new EXBERRY Shade Bright Green – Powder is custom-made to deliver bright, bluish-green shades in dry and powdered applications.

As a plus, GNT notes that the new food color is created from edible, plant-based raw materials using only traditional physical processing methods, making it a food ingredient rather than an additive in the EU and many other parts of the world.

Jill Janssen, Market Development Specialist at GNT Group said that the new range was introduced to help food manufacturers bring to life innovations in shades that are inspired by landscapes, minerals, and jewels.

“Blue and green are becoming increasingly important because consumers see those shades as a natural functional ingredient, not as something unknown, strange or even artificial.

“Green, in particular, is associated with many fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices and signifies healthiness and freshness,” Janssen explains.

Because natural green raw materials do not exist, GNT made the new color from Tumeric, which provided the yellow component, and Spirulina yielded the blue color.

The resulting color trading as EXBERRY Shade Bright Green – Powder is pH-independent and approved for use in most countries worldwide.

As turmeric is naturally sensitive to light, opaque or non-transparent packaging is recommended for optimal performance, notes GNT.

Janssen notes that there is a huge global demand for cost-effective vibrant green blends adding that the addition of EXBERRY Shade Bright Green – Powder provides further options for manufacturers working with dry and powdered applications.

“It delivers vibrant bluish-green shades and is pH-independent and water-dispersible,” she says.

Given that it is in powder form, Janssen notes that the new product offers some additional benefits. “They can also be stored at ambient temperatures, and they can be shipped at a lower cost than liquids.”

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