NIGERIA – Golden Terra Soya Oil, a leading processor healthy cooking oils sector, has recently launched its 1.4-litre PET bottle in key markets across Nigeria.

According to the company, the introduction reflects the brand’s commitment to adapting to evolving consumer needs, particularly their preference for healthy, convenient, and quality cooking oil.

Known for its consistently high-quality cooking oil, Golden Terra Soya Oil recognized the importance of aligning with changing consumer culinary habits.

“The introduction of the 1.4-litre PET bottle not only addresses these evolving needs but also establishes a new benchmark in the healthy cooking oil category,” the company noted.

“The 1.4-litre PET bottle features a user-friendly design, facilitating easy pouring and precise measurement without mess or spillage, thus adding a touch of elegance to the kitchen.”

In addition, Golden Terra noted that the PET package incorporates a secure seal to preserve the oil’s freshness, ensuring that the quality of every meal remains top-notch.

“This strikes a balance between convenience, affordability, and portion control, the 1.4-litre PET bottle meets various consumer requirements,” it added.

“Enriched with Vitamin A and serving as a good source of Omega 3 & 6, Golden Terra Soya Oil boasts zero cholesterol and is free from Trans Fat, promoting heart health. Its low oil retention makes it suitable for achieving crispy meals, seamlessly fitting into recipes that call for the use of cooking oil.”

Deepanjan Roy, Group Executive Director – TGI, expressed that the launch of the 1.4-litre PET bottle was designed to meet the needs of consumers seeking a larger yet convenient pack size.

He emphasized the brand’s commitment to providing consumers with the highest standards of excellence, ensuring that they continue to enjoy the benefits of Golden Terra Soya Oil in a more convenient and larger packaging.

“The 1.4-litre bottle is designed with the consumer in mind. We believe it’s not just an addition to their kitchen; it’s a culinary companion that will elevate their meals and make cooking an even more delightful journey,” he noted.

Probal Bhattacharya, Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group, also highlighted that the 1.4-litre PET bottle will resonate with discerning homemakers who prioritize health and value in their choice of cooking oil.

He emphasized that the bottle is not just an addition to the kitchen but a culinary companion designed to elevate meals and enhance the overall cooking experience.

The launch of the 1.4-litre PET bottle signified Golden Terra Soya Oil’s dedication to innovation, consumer satisfaction, and a commitment to providing a healthier and more convenient cooking oil option for households.