US – Good Meat, a cellular agriculture business that cultivates meat by growing cells in bioreactors, is aiming to disrupt the traditional meat industry with a new plan to construct the world’s largest bioreactor complex for cultivated meat.

The construction is part of the long-term partnership between Good Meat and bioprocess equipment innovator ABEC, Inc to design, manufacture, install, and commission the world’s largest bioreactors.

The four-storied facility in height will have the capacity to grow up to 13,700 tonnes of chicken and beef per year by 2030.

The company said it is expecting the 10-bioreactor facility to be complete and start its operations by late 2024, which it will use to grow mammalian and avian cells into real meat without slaughtering animals.  

The 10 new bioreactors in GOOD Meat’s new complex are being designed to have a capacity of 250,000 liters each.

The decision by Good Meat to invest in this new facility comes after its parent company CULT announced the establishment of a special committee headed by its Chief Executive Officer, Lejjy Gafour, in April, to explore opportunities to advance the Company.

The advancements were supposed to focus on intellectual property development and investing in the areas of novel air protein and starch synthesis technology.

According to CULT, the investment in GOOD Meat is proving to be timely as both entities are prioritizing making the world a better place by tackling the food crisis through cellular agriculture.

Good Meat’s venture into Cultured meat started in December 2020, when it was granted approval to cultivate chicken bites after a rigorous testing process, making Singapore the first country to grant regulatory acceptance to the cultured meat.

Since then, GOOD Meat has launched its cultivated chicken locally across a variety of eateries and has made its innovative meat available for delivery through FoodPanda.

Last year, Singapore also approved the sale of additional types of GOOD Meat products, including cultivated chicken breasts.

While Singapore continues to be the only country in the world to allow the sale of cultivated meat, others are expected to soon follow, including the US where GOOD Meat is working with the FDA and the USDA to establish a regulatory pathway to market.

In addition to its ABEC partnership, GOOD Meat recently signed a joint development agreement with agribusiness giant ADM, to optimize GOOD Meat’s growth media, a formulation of nutrients that enable animal cells to grow into the meat.

This partnership will ultimately result in reducing the cost of the company’s cultivated meat, which it has already slashed by 90 percent since 2018 by working in its built-for-purpose plant, according to Good Meat.

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