GERMANY – GoodMills Innovation, a company that combines consumer convenience and innovative marketing strategies to support a wholesome and tasty diet, has pledged to reduce 50% less salt for savory snacks.

The company made the announcement during the Salt Awareness Week to reduce salt levels in pretzel décor, at the same time not compromising on taste.

GoodMills developed new Slow Milling Pretzel Salt Light SG to enhance salt reduction for pretzels décor and bake-off products.

Consumers usually view pretzels, salt sticks and similar products for quality and Slow Milling Pretzel Salt Light SG allows bakers to achieve this rich decorative effect with up to 75% less salt in the décor and 50% less in the product as a whole.

For bake-off products, the new pretzel salt is superb as opposed to regular salt which produces unsightly burn marks during defrosting process.

With Slow Milling Pretzel Salt Light SG, however, the single salt grains are blended with rice flour to reduce the overall salt content of the product and then coated with a natural substance for stability.

Since the GoodMills Innovation pretzel salt is not water-soluble, it remains stable, even when defrosted and baked.

In addition to technological and taste advantages, the new salt also offers a range of nutritional benefits, good enough to replace regular salt in baked products.