ZAMBIA – The Aquaculture Development Association of Zambia (ADAZ) has urged Government to put in place measures that will regulate the importation of fish to ensure quality products enter the market.

ADAZ chairman Fisho Mwale said there is need to safeguard the sub-sector from imports that have an adverse effect on the health of both the humans and the fish.

Mr Mwale said currently, there is an outbreak of tilapia lake virus, which has ravaged most East Asian countries.

“Zambia has been importing most of her fish from East Asia following shortages of fish in the country.

Most fish coming from East Asia is [very] cheap, but is diseased fish, throw-away fish usually called rants, and it is finding its way into our market.

“Government is losing billions [of Kwacha] through these illegal imports, but worse more our people are being exposed to health hazards,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Dairy Association of Zambia (DAZ) says the sector still faces unfair competition from cheaply imported dairy products that threaten local production and growth,” according to a Zambia National Farmers’ Union weekly brief.

DAZ economist Kapoche Mwale has, therefore, called on Government to give the association the mandate to regulate the issuance of dairy import permits.

Mr Mwale said there is need for Government to introduce a 25 percent duty on specified dairy products and also to increase duty on imported milk powder from five percent to 25 percent.

“There is need for all dairy imports to pass through DAZ for scrutiny prior to issuance of import permits.

“We propose that Government introduces 25 percent export tax on soya cake, molasses, bran, cotton cake and sunflower cake,” he said.

Mr Mwale also urged Government to consider re-classifying milk as a value added tax zero-rated products eliminate all forms of taxes on dairy equipment and ingredients.

July 25, 2017: Daily Mail