UK – Bologna based Granarolo S.p.A has acquired 100% of Midland Food Group, a key chilled foods & frozen foods wholesaler and supplier for the UK at an undisclosed sum.

The Italian firm Granarolo seeks to expand its UK chilled food business by taking over Midland Food, which has established itself as a foodservice distributor and retailer in the British market.

Apart from being attracted by Midland’s robust sales in the past financial year, Granarolo revealed that it was mainly interested in the company’s potential to offer chilled food.

It will also benefit from Midland’s portfolio of significant products built on reputation for service, quality and efficiency to thousands of its customers.

Midland has two manufacturing sites in Willenhall and Basingstoke allowing it built a strong distribution channel for fine foods both in the city and Southern part of the UK.

Midland Food Group boasts to offer good value on all of its products ranging from cakes and desserts, cheese and dairy, Deli and cooked meats, pies, pastries and slices and sandwich slices.

With the acquisition, Granarolo manufacturing facility in Saint Omer is set to play a significant strategic role in boosting the distribution capacity of the company.

“With the acquisition of Midland Food Group, we aim to make an even bigger splash in the British Chilled Food market, which in 2016 recorded total sales of about 100 billion euros and keeps growing.

Granarolo UK, which has a current turnover of more than 22 million euros with the Made in Italy selection of products (fresh and aged cheeses, pasta and bakery products, balsamic vinegar) will now be able to count on two logistics hubs with a structured, efficient distribution system,” said Gianpiero Calzolari, Chairman of the Granarolo Group.

He added that Granarolo will have the opportunity to develop direct sales in the large and constantly expanding food services sector in the UK.

Calzolari declared interest in expanding the e-commerce platform already established by Midland.