NIGERIA –  Grand Oak Limited, the manufacturer of popular Nigerian alcoholic drink Seamans Schnapps, has entered the bitters market with the launch of ‘Korect Bitters’. 

Korect Bitters is a perfectly blended drink made of roots and herbs and is said to have a smooth taste which is believed to make it unique and different from existing brands in the bitters market. 

“Korect Bitters is intentionally crafted to bring out the best in every Nigerian, whether male or female,” said Mr. John Ogunwale, Brand Manager, at Grand Oak. 

 “It is a brand that takes pride in celebrating individuals who go the extra mile to ensure excellence is their final output.” 

Although the Nigerian bitters market is currently saturated, Grand Oaks bets on the quality of its products to woo customers and take over that part of the market share. 

Brand marketing manager, Mr. Gbemileke Lawal said the essence of introducing Korect Bitters into the market is to offer a quality product that is unique, elevates consumer experiences, and is pocket friendly. 

Grand Oak Limited Director Olofin Olubusuyi, said that when people buy a bottle of Korect Bitters, they are not just buying the normal bitters, they are buying a product made from the best roots that perfectly fits into their lifestyle. 

The company also unveiled an actor, Mr. Bolanle Ninanlowo as a brand ambassador for Korect Bitters. The actor revealed that he agreed to promote the brand because of the difference between the product and other drinks. 

According to Business Day, Grand Oak made an additional investment of over $1 million for the production of Korect Bitters product. 

Its entry steams up competition in Nigeria’s highly competitive bitters market whose value is estimated at over N32.5 billion (US$42.2 million). 

The market is also growing at 16 percent annually and currently occupies about 40% of the spirit drink market which explains the heightened interest by players in the Nigerian alcoholic beverage space. 

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