Graphic Packaging unveils Cap-It, a new sustainable packaging alternative to traditional shrink film

ASIA – Cap-It, a new alternative to traditional shrink films and can rings, has been introduced in the market to bolster the sustainability profile of beverage packaging.

Cap-It is a clip with neck rings designed for multipack PET or recycled PET bottles. It serves as an alternative to traditional shrink films which have fallen out of favour among users in the beverage industry.

While plastic shrink films are recyclable, many people are unaware of this and as result, they end up in landfills or in the worst-case scenario find their way to waterways, rivers, streams, and eventually, the ocean.

In the ocean, they are mistake by marine life to be food and later end up choking these poor animals to death.

 Once in a landfill, the non-biodegradable shrink-wrap will continue to accumulate and take up space without ever breaking down in the soil.

The space shrink-wrap occupies in landfills could be used for other garbage, and its presence means that more landfills will be needed to dispose of our garbage in the future.

Their use thus only means additional carbon footprint for beverage companies like Coca-Cola and Molson Coors which are trying so hard to become carbon neutral.

 “Made from renewable materials, the paperboard solution offers an alternative to traditional shrink film packaging, increasing overall pack recyclability to 100%,” says Graphic Packaging.

Its adoption would be of great benefit to the environment which is already chocking from plastics and to beverage companies that are desperately trying to meet their sustainability goals.

 “Cap-It is our latest innovation for PET bottles that replaces traditional plastic multipack solutions, such as rings and shrink films,” says Roxanne McSpadden, director of marketing and beverage new product development at Graphic Packaging

“With Cap-It, customers are guaranteed a 100% recyclable package that aids the circular economy by providing fibres that can circulate multiple times through the recycling chain and becoming new packaging.”

Cap-It is currently in commercial use in Asia.

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