AFRICA – Gro Intelligence, a global team of technology, climate, and agriculture experts is seeking to launch the Food Security Tracker for Africa.

The first-of-its-kind interactive tool is aimed to make real-time agricultural data on 49 out of 54 African countries publicly available in one location.

In addition to real-time supply and demand data, this tool makes available useful metrics such as production forecast, a country’s reserves of a specific crop, Cropland-Weighted Gro Drought Index (GDI), Crop-Area Weighted Vegetative Health Index (NDVI) and prices.

The Food Security Tracker for Africa also provides data about the supply and demand of major crops, including corn, soy, wheat, and rice for African countries.

By combining data on drought, crop conditions, prices, supply and demand all in one place, users will be able to develop more effective solutions and emergency response plans to the growing shortages of key agricultural commodities across the continent.

With The Rockefeller Foundation’s support, this information will make it easier for countries around the world to navigate the unprecedented challenges connected to the current global food crisis.

“The world must act now to respond to the global food emergency and alleviate the human suffering and global instability it is causing.

“Gro Intelligence’s powerful new tool gives global leaders the data they need to not only respond to the crisis in the short term, but also lay the groundwork for a more stable, sustainable food system over the long term,” said Dr. Rajiv J. Shah, President of The Rockefeller Foundation.

Environmental, economic, and political shocks have caused rising food prices and created shortages of major crop staples worldwide.

At the same time, companies across the global agricultural supply chain face significant blind spots, donors are unable to accurately direct funds, and governments are left scrambling for alternative sources of supply without the necessary full knowledge of where it is needed most.

Thus, the Gro and Rockefeller Foundation collaboration is timely giving the public greater access to critical data, which will help fill the gaps in accurate supply and demand coverage for major crops in Africa.     

“With this new tool, governments, companies, and humanitarian organizations will be better equipped to anticipate food shortages, direct relief, and improve strategic planning in response to the unprecedented level of supply and demand shocks that have caused global food insecurity.” 

“To create a more comprehensive picture, the Gro team, which includes both domain experts and technologists, leveraged our platform and the scaling power of our machine-learning models to quickly and accurately provide needed data,” said Will Osnato, Senior Research Analyst at Gro Intelligence.

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