Grupo Bimbo invests US$20.1m into new production lines in San Fernando plant

MEXICO – Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican multinational bakery product manufacturing company, has invested US$20.1 million in four new production lines in its San Fernando plant to allow expansion.

According to the company, it will elaborate its handmade bakery products, adding to the production lines that already make white bread, integral, bran, and multi-cereal.

In addition, from this incorporation of state-of-the-art technology, Grupo Bimbo in Argentina will have greater international certifications that will help increase productivity and thus reach more destinations.

Currently, the company exports products from Argentina to Chile and, soon, new markets such as Paraguay and Uruguay will be added.

This was in the presence of the Secretary of Industry for the Nation, Fernando Grasso, the Minister of Production for Buenos Aires, Javier Tizado, and the President of the Deliberative Council of San Fernando, Luis Andreotti.

“We acquired this factory in March 2016 and, from that moment, we have been concerned about getting the most out of it, investing in technology and achieving its renovation.

In less than two and a half years, not only did the production tons quadruple, but the number of workers increased by 30%,” said the General Manager of Grupo Bimbo in Argentina, Diego Bustos, highlighting the importance of the investment.

The General Manager also emphasized the importance of the province of Buenos Aires for the company: “Due to our vast history in the province, this announcement has been special for us.

Since 1995, we have been betting on this great province, where our first factory was installed in the province of Pilar.

In this way, we continue to strengthen our presence on Buenos Aires soil.”

Officials also highlighted the company’s work in Argentina and the province of Buenos Aires.

In this sense, Fernando Grasso emphasized: “Something that for us is very aligned with the Government’s objectives is basically the ability to give growth to Argentina based on investment and the growth of exports.”

“We always say to Governor Vidal that we want to change people’s lives and that’s what Bimbo did in recent years: ensuring that people can have jobs. That is dignity,” said Javier Tizado.

“The inauguration of a productive investment is a photo of the province we want.

In each worker of this plant there is hope of building the province that we dream together. Thanks to Bimbo for trusting Buenos Aires.”

Finally, Santiago Aparicio, President of the Deliberative Council of San Fernando remarked: “Almost 400 people will work in the plant, representing 400 families that will have a better future.

The fact that there is a company with these international characteristics, that makes such an investment, is worth noting.”

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