MEXICO – Grupo Bimbo has unveiled a new energy self-sufficiency system, ‘Bimbo Solar’ in its environmental commitment to ensure sustainable development for a better and safe world.

Bimbo Solar adds to its power production grid, generating 3.7MW of energy thus reducing its annual carbon emissions by 2,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

According to the company, this system was inaugurated at corporate building located in Mexico City and includes 308 solar panels that will supply 20% of the power used in the facility.

The company, focusing on investments in technology and innovation seeks to reduce on its carbon footprint and reduce the impacts of global warming on the environment.

With the power of 2.2MW, the first stage of the project will jointly supply to 3.7MW to 24 sales depos, 7 branches of El Globo, the Corporate building, and the Metropolitan distribution center.

“By incorporating this technology to our operations and the Corporate building, at Grupo Bimbo we are taking another important step in our strong commitment to sustainability and the planet”, said Daniel Servitje, President and CEO of Grupo Bimbo stated.

“Every action is accumulative and all efforts count to take care of our environment. We should make sure that all progress will protect the natural heritage of the future,” he added.

This action reaffirms the company’s commitment to change the way energy is generated and used by achieving business growth and protecting the future generation from a degraded environment.

The initiative complements its renewable energy strategy comprises the vision and purpose of building a sustainable, highly productive, and deeply humane company.

“This type of actions fosters a radical change in the way we use and generate energy in the planet.

It is an honor for Enlight to be part of this change, and we are excited to do it hand in hand with Grupo Bimbo, a leader company that is committed to the continuous improvement of its operations, with the planet and society,” said Julian Willenbrock, co-founder and CEO of Enlight.

To reduce its environmental footprint, Grupo Bimbo has put in place procedures and initiatives which have established it as a global company.

The company has also achieved water footprint reduction by 29% since 2009 with 9 of its plants having systems to catch, store and reutilize rainwater plus modernization of its water treatment facilities’ technology.

It has also achieved recycling of 95% of waste from its operations, adhesion to global actions such as the Paris Pledge for Action on Climate Change and a strong commitment with the communities and its value chain among others.