GHANA – The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) and Nestlé Ghana Limited have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to forge a strong cooperation in the sharing of scientific and technical information, reports Ghana News Agency.

The Public-Private-Partnership agreement seeks to enhance laboratory analytical methods alignment and capacity building in laboratory testing of food products to enhance product safety and quality standards.

The agreement, signed by Professor Alex Dodoo, Director-General, GSA and Madam Philomena Tan, Managing Director, Nestle Ghana Ltd will see the two entities enhance technical competencies of personnel and promote best practices

Under the terms of the MoU, the GSA would collaborate with Nestlé in standardisation and alignment of applicable test methods and carrying out inter-laboratory comparisons in agreed scopes.

In addition it will conduct International Organisation for Standardisation/ International Electro-technical Commission (ISO/IEC) 17025, safety and compliance internal audits per agreed schedule between the two parties.

Moreover, there would be knowledge exchange on Laboratory Information Management Systems, the use of GSA laboratories for conformance to standards and compliance to set constituent limits per Ghana standards.

On its part, Nestlé would offer GSA the opportunity to tour Nestlé laboratories, share relevant information through capacity building programmes to assist the GSA and carry out inter-laboratory comparisons in agreed scopes using ISO accredited standards to improve standards in Ghana.

Prof Dodoo noted that GSA remains committed in its mandate of exercising its regulatory functions as required by law.

According to Prof Dodoo, apart from ethics and professionalism, consumer protection, is a major drive for a company’s profitability endeavour, adding that, the Government wants to make Ghana the most business friendly environment.

“We want industries to invest here, knowing that their investment is protected. But more importantly we want to open up markets outside Ghana for (our local) industries,” he added.

Madam Tan said the partnership Nestle and the GSA the opportunity to leverage on internationally accredited laboratory and the digital market, build capacities to enhance standards development, promote free trade and ensure products safety and quality in Ghana.

“This partnership is a concrete articulation of Nestlé’s commitment to Creating Shared Value for the society and our company and will further enable us to fulfil our purpose of Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future in Ghana,” she said.

GSA is the statutory body responsible for developing, publishing and promoting standards in Ghana.