USA – Happy family, the Danone owned brand for organic baby food, has taken a focus on children’s health by unveiling a new line for organic whole milk yogurt meant for babies and toddlers.

The new yogurt products that aim at promoting the well-being of children aged 6 months and 3 years will not have added artificial sweeteners, to boost their nutritional requirements.

The product will be available in two varieties: Happy Baby and Happy Tot Whole Milk products.

The company has combined a wide variety ingredient to make a wholesome variety of organic whole milk yoghurt including probiotics, whole milk and Vitamin D.

“Today, Happy Family proudly announces its ground breaking Happy Baby and Happy Tot Whole Milk Yogurt line.

Designed for babies and toddlers starting at six months and up to three years old, Happy Family’s organic yogurt is made with probiotics, whole milk, Vitamin D, and with no added sweeteners “because your baby is sweet enough!”

Happy Family is supporting the new line with a resource center featuring access to recipes, meal plans and free online nutritionist support to continue providing parents with unparalleled support,” said a spokesperson from the company.

Launched in 2016, the company has expanded its recipes in a bid to provide young children with a complete nutritious diet in their early stages of growth and development.

For parents, this marks a great opportunity to provide their children and toddlers with meals that will contribute greatly to their early stages of growth and well-being, the company says.

The children will have a variety of Happy Family yogurt flavors to choose from, ensuring a wholesome experience in their feeding schedule such as Banana & Sweet Potato and textures with chia.

“There is growing evidence that gut health starts during the First 1,000 Days of life,” said Shazi Visram, ChairMom and Founder of Happy Family,

“That’s why we’re launching a new line of fermented foods with added probiotics and whole milk fat for babies and toddlers.”

Following the launch of a free online chat resource, Happy Family engaged registered dietician nutritionists and lactation counsellors to always give insights on the questions asked by concerned parties on a daily basis.

They have also invested in an infant feeding line that produces breastfeeding support products and a premium organic formula modelled after breast milk.

Made in ten recipes, Happy Baby Organic Whole Milk Yogurt will be available in cups while Happy Tot Organic Whole Milk Yogurt in cups and pouches.

Different sizes of cups and pouches come in different flavors such as Plain, Blueberry, Banana & Sweet Potato, Peach & Mango, Apple, Mango & Carrot, Strawberry, Banana, Oats & Chia, Apple & Pear, Apple & Blackberry, Mango & Spinach.