USA – Fermented Sciences, the maker of Flying Embers Hard Kombucha has developed a proprietary process in partnership with zümXR, utilizing a patented technology to create a shelf stable probiotic hard kombucha.

Fermented Sciences was founded in 2017 by Bill Moses, an expert in the art and science of fermentation, co-founder and former CEO of KeVita, which was later acquired by PepsiCo.

The Flying Embers handcrafted hard kombucha is the first product line developed and launched by the company. Flying Embers contains both live probiotics and native kombucha bacteria without the use of pasteurization. 

Fermented Sciences and zümXR have now developed a patented probiotic encapsulation technology developed, which the companies said is the world’s first shelf stable probiotic hard kombucha.

The technology ensures that the probiotic strain of Bacillus coagulans and the kombucha bacteria can continue to thrive at room temperatures without dying off.

Fermented Science’s Flying Embers are made with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY), tea, and sugar.

The company claims that its proprietary process cultivates a unique combination of native kombucha bacteria strains from the acetobacter family.

These specific aerobic strains are able to survive in the finished product at room temperatures.

This innovative method also employs a dry fermentation process, resulting in zero grams of sugar. Without sugar, the yeast from the SCOBY cannot cause spoilage by propagating at room temperatures.

Through the process the company has been able to develop the world’s first shelf stable hard kombucha with live probiotics and native kombucha bacteria.

Both bacteria can survive and maintain exceptional quality on warm display at retail without the need to be refrigerated which the company noted that the process makes the products more healthy, portable and convenient for consumers. 

“This makes Flying Embers the ideal hard kombucha to take on-the-go for outdoor activities such as hikes, camping, and beach days. This is for consumers that want a live, unpasteurized kombucha,” says Fermented Sciences’ Founder and CEO Bill Moses.

In addition to being the world’s first unpasteurized shelf stable hard kombucha with live probiotics, Flying Embers hard kombucha meets the World Health Organization (WHO) standard of integrating live probiotics that provide verified health benefits.

“We are committed to delivering a shelf stable, delicious alcoholic beverage with true probiotic benefits,” says Moses.

“Ten years of rigorous research and development with our partners at zümXR has enabled us to earn the trust of our loyal consumers and stand by our brand’s better-for-you promise.”

Last November, the company closed a US$25 million Series B round to enable the company accelerate growth, expand its national footprint and meet exponential demand for its hard kombucha, while innovating to create additional “better for you” alcohol beverage lines.