USA – Harmless Harvest, the maker of organic coconut-based beverages, has expanded its plant-based coconut yogurt alternative products with the launch of coconut water, snack drinks and dairy-free yogurt alternatives.

The plant-based coconut yogurt alternative product portfolio includes four flavors of spoonable single-serving cups, three flavors of single-serving dairy-free drinkable yogurts and a multi-serve dairy-free drinkable yogurt.

The new products will enable Harmless Harvest to expand beyond beverages and strengthen its organic dairy-free coconut yogurt alternative portfolio.

Ben Mand, CEO, Harmless Harvest says; “With this new product line, Harmless Harvest will use the entire coconut for both its water and yogurt alternative, further living its brand promise to always consider its impact from seed to shelf.

“Harmless Harvest’s dairy-free yogurt alternative line brings delicious flavor to the dairy-free yogurt aisle,” added Heather Cutter, senior vice president of brand, innovation and marketing at Harmless Harvest.

“We recognized an opportunity to give plant-based yogurts a makeover by re-imagining the taste, texture, and recipe development of a beloved household staple that can be loved by both dairy and non-dairy consumers.

“It’s an innovative addition to the plant-based yogurt category.”  

Harmless Harvest dairy-free coconut yogurt alternative cups features a traditional yogurt process to include live and active cultures, blended together with a handful of ingredients, without any artificial additives or gums.

The yogurt alternative cups will be available in plain, strawberry, vanilla and blueberry flavours with a yummy taste and rich, creamy texture.

Harmless Harvest dairy-free yogurt drinks are an organic blend of Harmless Harvest coconut water, Thai coconut meat, and live probiotic cultures.

The company said that the products can be consumed as a great snack, smoothie base or on-the-go breakfast.

The dairy-free yogurt drinks will be available at a selection of Whole Foods stores and natural grocers across the country.

The drinks come in three 8 oz flavors: strawberry, mango and original unsweetened and the 24 oz is available in the original unsweetened flavor.