Heavy rain and wind submerge massive plots of Vietnamese rice

VIETNAM—Heavy rain and strong winds from April 30 to May 1 caused thousands of hectares of rice in Quang Binh province to be completely submerged in water, generating concerns among farmers over this season’s crop yield.

In Quang Ninh district (Quang Binh province), heavy rain and wind have destroyed more than 1,700ha of winter-spring rice in the area, concentrated in communes.

Those affected are: Tan Ninh, An Ninh, Duy Ninh and Vinh Ninh. They lost 552 hectares (HA), 337HA, 155HA and 122HA of rice respectively.

Talking to a reporter from Vietnamese newspaper, Dan Viet, Mr. Thai Hieu Ky a farmer in Quang Binh province, said the rains had cost more than 2/ 3 of his crop to fall going on to speculate that, “This year’s crop will probably fail.”

“The unit has directed localities to guide people to overcome the fallen area by draining water in the field, erecting trees, and bunching rice in clusters. As for the fallen rice areas that are ripening, Harvest early to ensure productivity,” shared Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuan – Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Quang Ninh district.

Mr. Nguyen Cam Long – Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Bo Trach district reports that the heavy rains and wind damaged 50 hectares of winter-spring rice crop in the district.

As for the green rice area, after the rain stops, the localities have guided farmers to overcome the damage by rebuilding. 


Particularly for the areas of rice that have matured about 80-85% or more, the unit advocates that as soon as it is sunny, farmers should actively reap.

In 2021, the production volume of rice paddies in Vietnam amounted to approximately 43.9 million metric tons, indicating a slight increase from the previous year.

For the whole first quarter of 2022, the country’s rice export volume reached over 1.5 million tons, equivalent to over 730.76 million USD, up 26% in volume, up 12.7% in turnover compared to the first quarter in 2021.

A rice outlook report by The United States Department of Agriculture expects 2021/22 rice crop projections to be smaller in Vietnam.

Vietnam is among the leading rice producing and exporting countries worldwide. Damage assessment of the massive losses incurred in the rice paddies will tell us how much this year’s production and export projections are affected.

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