Heineken launches 7.5% ABV Tecate Mexican beer in the US

USA – World brewer Heineken is set to launch a higher ABV (7.5%) range of its Tecate Mexican beer brand, Tecate Titanium in the United States targeting consumers in the convenience stores.

Tecate Titanium is said to have a distinct flavour and aroma that is the result of an obsessive and tireless brewing process that results in higher alcohol content and refreshing drinkability.

The 7.5% Tecate Titanium is aimed at Hispanic consumers currently under-served in the higher ABV C-store channel.

According to InfoScout figures provided by Heineken, Hispanic C-store shoppers are 13% less likely to have purchased than the average shopper and have spent 30% less on the segment.

The higher-ABV C-store channel is in high growth, with volumes for products 6.5%-ABV and above growing at 10% in the 12 months to 14 July 2018, according to Nielsen.

“Titanium provides an opportunity to further expand the fast-growing Mexican category with a unique high-ABV option.

“Our core target, Hispanic c-store shoppers, are currently underserved by existing high-ABV options as they are 13% less likely to have purchased than the average shopper and have spent 30% less on the segment,” said Belen Pamukoff, Tecate brand director.

We are offering a superior liquid at a competitive price point, in a segment our shopper target is familiar with.

“We see a gap in the market where most of the high-ABV options are non-beers, inferior beers, or hoppy craft beers.

Titanium is bold, but it’s also highly refreshing.”

The company recently launched slimline cans of Strongbow cider that contain 100 calories each in the USA, expanding its portfolio in the market.

The new range targeted consumers want to drink more canned wine but at the same time want to cut on energy intake.

In August, Heineken unveiled a new brew, Hi-Fi Hops, from California beer brand Lagunitas, made with marijuana instead of alcohol.

It was driven by growing trend of established companies diving into the marijuana industry.

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