USA – Heineken is set to launch slimline cans of Strongbow cider that contain 100 calories each in the USA, expanding its portfolio in the market.

The Slim Cans range is a 12-can variety pack with three 8.5 oz flavours, containing 100 calories each, offering a crisp alternative that will appeal to growing demands for light refreshment.

It targets consumers want to drink more canned wine but at the same time want to cut on energy intake.

Set to launch in January 2019, multi-pack includes Dry Pear, a new flavour for Strongbow in the US, Rosé Apple and Original Dry.

“Our 100 Cal Slim Cans meet an emerging consumer need,” said Jessica Robinson, Heineken vice president of emerging brands.

“With only 100 calories per can, our new 8.5 oz size creates a better-for-you, full-flavoured and fast-selling option.

“Strongbow Slim Cans are a ‘top 20’ concept for us on purchase intent, liking, uniqueness and believability, and we’re including our new dry pear in the variety pack to meet the growing popularity of pear flavour products in the grocery channel.

We’re putting our focus here to source new business from the booming canned wine and hard seltzer segments.”

This year, Heineken re-launched Strongbow Original Dry cider as a result of consumer demand for original brand.

Original Dry contains no artificial flavors or colors, has 5% ABV, available in 16.9 oz cans.

Last year, the company unveiled its Artisanal Blend cider with an ABV of 6%, made from three varieties of heirloom cider apples to expand the Strongbow range.

Artisanal Blend joined the Strongbow family of ciders, including Gold Apple, Cherry Blossom and Orange Blossom, all containing no artificial flavours or colours.

This year, Strongbow Hard Ciders, which claims to be the number one global cider brand, announced its newest flavor, Rosé Apple,a semi-dry hard cider with a touch of red-fleshed apples.

Strongbow is capitalizing on the rising growth of cans to provide consumers with the authentic cider they want in a package they prefer.

Heineken added Strongbow cider to its portfolio in 2013 to complement the leading upscale beer company’s already diverse product portfolio, which includes Heineken, Dos Equis, Newcastle, Amstel Light.