GERMANY – Dagoba Organic Chocolate, a brand of premium organic chocolate, owned by Hershey, has debuted a new range of infused flavours for its bars and bite-sized chocolate ‘Gems’.

According to Financial Times, Dagoba offers unique flavour combinations as part of its brand identity.

The new flavours include 84% cacao extra dark chocolate, 37% cacao ginger lime milk chocolate, 74% cacao picante extra dark chocolate with chillies and nibs, and white chocolate with raspberry and mint.

The products incorporate innovative combinations of fruits, herbs and flowers into organic chocolate.

Susie Picken Burch, senior brand manager for Dagoba, said: “Dagoba Organic Chocolate has a long history of delighting our fans with unique and inspired flavour infusions.

“The latest additions to our portfolio embody the creativity that defines Dagoba and the opportunities that are possible when blending some of the world’s finest cacao beans with high-quality, organic ingredients.

“One year after a limited release, we’re pleased to expand the availability of these four chocolate bars as well as our individually wrapped chocolate Gems, giving chocolate lovers across the country an opportunity to experience the unique complexities of flavour and feel good about every bite.”

To further add to the appeal of the brand, and to keep in line with Dagoba’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability, all of its products are created with cacao beans sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified co-ops and blended with USDA certified organic ingredients.

Dagoba also says that the products are non-GMO project verified and kosher certified.

To add to the cycle of sustainability and social consciousness, the company also supports the One for All Cacao Project.

This nonprofit scheme invests in local women’s self-empowerment initiatives to boost the role of women within cocoa production in regions where cacao for Dagoba’s products is grown.

This in turn strengthens cacao communities and will also impact on how the brand is perceived by its consumers.