US – Hola Nola has expanded its range of Mexican food portfolio with new red bean and rice tortilla chips made with Camellia Brand Red Beans, Whole Grain Rice and a dash of Crystal Hot Sauce.

Hola Nola is a food company based in Louisiana which creates small batch food products by combining Non-GMO corn and coconut oil as main ingredients for natural flavors.

The company offers a range of products that have been received well in the region, being included in the dinner and restaurant menus.

These include Hola Nola tortillas, tortilla chips, spices, salsas and dips, tacos and burritos made from Non-GMO corn, non-GMO coconut oil, sea salt, and unbleached / unbromated flour.

To embrace the importance of technology in packaging design, the new red bean and rice tortilla chips are packaged in Hola Nola’s innovative microwavable bags for a warm tasty chip experience.

According to Hola Nola Foods founder Kevin S Holden, the new launch marked the company’s interest in venturing into the traditional Mexican ingredients with a classic local growth which was recording massive growth.

The new products add to the range of red beans and rice made with Camellia beans widely liked by consumers due to their desirable flavor.

He added that the chips meant accomplished goals since the company was considering an interest in snacks made with simple ingredients but delivering bold flavour profiles.

Hola Nola is having its way of providing products with authentic flavors as Mexican food gains momentum.

The company is investing in expansion of its business, with the launch of products such as Creole-flavored chips, a variety of salsa, blue corn chips, and shelf-stable tomato salsas in mild and medium.

Hola’s business might have been achieved possibly through its strong Camellia Brand Beans appraised for the quality and taste of their beans.

“At Camellia Beans, we appreciate the quality of Hola Nola products and the company’s expertise in the snack category.

Of course, we’re thrilled that New Orleans’ most soulful dish is recognised through these delicious red bean and rice tortilla chips,” said Camellia Brand Beans CEO Vince Hayward.