NIGERIAThe Nigerian Holstein Farm Project (HOLFA) has announced plans to establish the first full-scale industrial dairy farm in Nigeria, with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) by NigerPars Nigeria Limited, the Iranian Research Organisation for Science and Technology (IROST) and the Holstein Association of Iran.

HOLFA will be a vertically integrated facility, producing not only dairy products but including meat packing as well.

Under the arrangement, HOLFA will attract $100 million of foreign and local Nigerian investment, for the creation of a high technology dairy farm, with capacity of up to 6,000 milking cows.

The turn-key facilities will be developed in four phases and NigerPars, the local Nigerian project manager, is in discussion with two state governments for collaboration on suitable locations.

Kouros Jahangiripoor, chairman of NigerPars Nigeria Limited, said in a statement: “NigerPars is very excited to bring the world’s best technology in industrial-scale dairy farming to Nigeria, including arranging the financing and all the contractual details.

IROST and the Holstein Association of Iran already have 12 projects throughout Middle East and Central Asia, with the cattle specifically groomed for the ambient climatic conditions.”

According to Mohammed Sanjabi, Scientific council member of IROST and president of the Holstein Association of Iran, this private sector initiative will have many benefits to Nigerians in all walks of life.

He stated: “The HOLFA facilities will produce milk, butter, cheese and yoghurt to the highest international quality standards and production consistency. We will have products for non-refrigerated long life, and refrigerated warehousing, transportation and logistics so that children should be able to enjoy the nourishment and health benefits that fresh milk offers.

“HOLFA will create direct and indirect employment for 3,000 Nigerians, who will be trained by IROST specialists over a three-year period. We fully expect the dairy and beef products to enjoy increased popularity all over the country, noting that all products will be halal certified.”

NigerPars Nigeria Limited is a private sector organisation engaged in technical cooperation and project management, including Iran-Nigeria-Africa initiatives.

The company’s scope of activities includes telecoms, agriculture, civil engineering and construction, hotels, aviation services, as well as finance and banking.

IROST is active in developing and commercialising scientific discoveries and technological processes.

August 18, 2014;

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