NIGERIA – Chi Limited, Nigeria’s fast-moving consumer goods company has launched 100ml soya milk sachet, an additional range to its soya milk brand portfolio, Hollandia.

The offering, available in resealabe Tetra Pak gives customers more choice among its soya milk products and according to the firm, the move is meant to deliver value by making the product more affordable and accessible while offering the nutritious benefits of soya milk.

The new Hollandia Soya milk 100ml sachet offers competitive pricing and walks the fine line of making a high-quality product, affordable and valuable, reported BeverageIndustry News.

“Evident in the 100ml sachet pack design is the brand’s traditional strong blue colour combination along with an assortment of small icons that typify various sporting activities – an effort by the brand to resonate with health-conscious consumers keen on a daily nutritional soya milk drink for an active lifestyle and healthy heart devoid of a cholesterol build-up,” said the company in a statement.

“Endorsed by the Nutrition Society of Nigeria as a healthy drink, Hollandia Soya Milk is cholesterol free and a powerhouse of protein, calcium, vitamins A, C and D.”

In addition to its ability to lower cholesterol, the desire to make consumers have access to high quality nutrition and a healthier dairy alternative, are part of the reasons for its introduction, said Managing Director of the firm, Mr. Deepanjan Roy.

“Although Hollandia Soya Milk has always been available in bigger pack sizes, we believe that having 100ml sachets will enable consumers to have access to high-quality nutrition and a healthier dairy alternative in a ready-to-drink form, which can be consumed anywhere and anytime, at an affordable and convenient price,” said Roy.

According to a nutritionist, Mrs. Temi Obiaya, soya milk comes recommended because it not only offers nourishment, but also naturally helps lower cholesterol levels in the body, to keep the heart healthy.

She added that soya milk possesses a lot of nutritional benefits; hence, it is important that more and more people begin to embrace soya milk as a dairy alternative.

Chi Limited has in the past received national recommendations especially on standards for its flagship brand Chivita 100% fruit juice and commitment to ‘no-added sugar’ process.