USA – Hood River Distillers, producer of distilled spirits in the Northwest has partnered with Mexico’s Casa Orendain in the launch of Batanga, a premium 100 percent agave Tequila.

Established in 1926 by Eduardo Orendain, Casa Orendain is one of the four pioneers in the Tequila industry led by Eduardo along with the Cuervos, Sauzas and Herraduras.

“Hood River Distillers has been working with the Orendain family for more than fifty years, and we are very excited to have been selected as the U.S. importer for Batanga,” said Ronald R. Dodge, President & CEO of Hood River Distillers.

“Batanga is an exceptional 100% agave tequila that will appeal to all who enjoy tequila.”

Batanga Tequila is distilled using 100% Orendain Estate grown agave grown in and around Tequila, Mexico.

According to the distiller, the piñas are baked in traditional brick ovens to guarantee taste and flavor profile while the yeast used in the fermentation process is cultivated at the distillery, in accordance with the original family formula.

Batanga Tequila will be available in 750ml botlles at 40% ABV nationally in both a Blanco and Reposado, which is aged in bourbon barrels for 3-6 months, the company said.

Batanga Blanco comes as a “classic and expressive on the nose with intense earthy agave notes of citrus, herbs and mint” taquuila while Batanga Reposado offers a fresh and vibrant nose of sweet vanilla and caramel.

Subtle oak complements hints of cinnamon and vanilla on the palate which shows great refinement and integration, with a crisp flavorful finish.

“Batanga Tequila also comes with its own signature cocktail, aptly named ‘The Batanga’,” said Chris Lowder, VP of Sales & Marketing, Hood River Distillers. 

“Created in Mexico in the 1950s ‘The Batanga’ is a simple cocktail made with cola, lime, tequila and a salted rim, which allows the delicious notes of the agave to shine through.”

Batanga Reposado Tequila was recently awarded Double Gold, Best of Class for Reposado Tequila and Best in Show for An Aged White Spirit in the 2019 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition.