USA – Hormel Foods Corporation has announced several key changes in its leadership position including the retirement of Larry Vorpahl, Group Vice President, President Hormel Foods International Corporationn effective this summer.

As a result of the upcoming retirement of Larry Vorpahl, Swen Neufeldt, currently vice president of Meat Products marketing for the company’s Refrigerated Foods division, has been named group vice president and president of Hormel Foods International Corporation.

Lisa Selk, currently director of Hormel Health Labs and the company’s CFI business, will assume the post of vice president of Meat Products marketing for Refrigerated Foods. Hormel Foods said that Vorpahl’s retirement and the related moves will be effective this summer.

Commenting on the changes, Hormel Foods Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Snee commended Vorpahl on what he called “an extraordinary 34-year career” with the company.

“Larry has played an important role in our growth and success during his 34 years with our company,” Snee said. “Larry’s career has touched virtually every business within Hormel Foods.

“As he moves into retirement, he can look back with pride on his substantial impact on our culture, talent and global footprint. We will certainly miss Larry, but I know this next phase of his life will be as dynamic as his tenure with Hormel Foods.”

Vorpahl joined Hormel Foods in 1986 and held a number of senior-level positions in product management, marketing and sales during the years. In 2015, he was chosen to lead the company’s international division, an area of focus for the Minnesota-based company.

Swen Neufeldt has been tapped to fill the top international spot, a move Snee attributed to his proven international track record.

“Swen brings a wealth of international and strategic business experience to the position, having served as general manager of our China business and president of Asia Pacific for many years. His global perspective will be important as we continue to focus on accelerating growth outside of North America.”

Lisa Selk also brings diversified experience to the role of leading the Meat Products marketing function within Refrigerated Foods, a move which Snee affirms saying that “Lisa has a strong background for this position.”

“She has led a business, built brands and understands the importance of putting the consumer first in innovation and marketing. With this strong consumer brand focus, I am confident she will be successful in this new role.”

Lisa Selk is director of Hormel Health Labs and Century Foods International, which are part of the company’s Grocery Products division. She assumed her current role following her leadership of the company’s Cytosport business, which was sold to PepsiCo in 2019.

Prior to CytoSport, Selk was the marketing director for a portfolio of well-known Hormel Foods brands in the Grocery Products division. She joined Hormel Foods in 1998 as a food scientist in the research and development area and has since held brand management and innovation leadership roles in multiple divisions, including the Meat Products division.