HUNGARY – Pápai Hús, a venerable Hungarian meat brand with a legacy dating back to 1913, has embarked on a journey of reinvention that not only honors its heritage but paves the way for a modern, diverse product range, including vegan options, thanks to Ishida’s X-ray inspection systems.

The latest chapter in this storied brand’s evolution began in 2020 when they introduced a vegan range, signaling their commitment to embracing contemporary dietary trends. However, this bold step forward was accompanied by a pivotal moment of technological upgrade back in 2017.

When Pápai Hús inked a significant export deal to supply their premium meat products to Japan, they faced stringent quality and safety standards. The solution? A cutting-edge Ishida X-ray inspection system, which was not just any X-ray machine but the highly recommended Ishida model.

Benedek Szabolcs, Technical Director at Pápai Hús, remarked, “It wasn’t even, ‘choose an X-ray machine’; they specifically directed us to order an Ishida X-ray machine!”

Installed by Ishida’s Hungarian agent, MasterQuality, the IX-GN-2443 quickly proved its worth to Pápai Hús. Its capabilities extend far beyond typical X-ray inspection systems, making it an invaluable asset in ensuring top-notch food quality and safety for their diverse product range.

One particularly intriguing application of this technology is in the production of delicacies such as disznósajt, a traditional ‘head cheese’ made from various pork meats.

Occasionally, small traces of bone or cartilage can unintentionally find their way into the product, a problem that Pápai Hús needed to eliminate. Szabolcs explained, “We realized that Ishida’s X-ray can easily be programmed to identify any packs containing these traces, allowing us to reject them before they leave the factory and therefore improving food quality.”

So, how does this X-ray technology work its magic? It relies on the principle of producing X-ray wavelengths that pass through the product and are captured by a line sensor, creating a grayscale image.


The Ishida system excels with its remarkable sensitivity, capable of detecting impurities as tiny as 0.3mm and precisely pinpointing their location.

The machine’s secret weapon is its unique self-learning Genetic Algorithm (GA) technology. This innovation ensures maximum detection sensitivity and reliability, even at high production rates, by analyzing image data over multiple trial runs.

Operators can fine-tune the X-ray system to detect specific, low-density foreign bodies with unparalleled precision.

Today, the Ishida IX-GN-2443 is a vigilant guardian, inspecting every pack of disznósajt, black pudding, and cubed bacon at Pápai Hús’ Pápa factory. Intuitive pre-set options allow for seamless transitions between product types, a necessity given the varying likelihood of bone or cartilage in different products.

In a factory where space is at a premium, the IX-GN-2443 stands as a standalone machine. Products are fed manually, and accepted packs are conveyed into pallets while rejects are directed into a secure reject bin.

This daily ritual has become a crucial part of Pápai Hús’ operations, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

Pápai Hús’ collaboration with MasterQuality extends beyond installation, including annual check-ups.

“Our visits are also the perfect opportunity to discuss the performance of the Ishida X-ray system with Pápai Hús, so we can assess any refinements that may benefit the factory’s operation. The partnership is underlined by exceptional service, support, and advice,” Balázs Korsós, Sales Representative at MasterQuality, commented.

Benedek Szabolcs sums it up best: “What is most helpful to Pápai Hús is the reliability, ease of use, and outstanding performance of the Ishida IX-GN-2443 X-ray inspection system.”

As Pápai Hús continues to blend tradition with innovation, this technological partnership ensures that consumers worldwide can savor their iconic products with confidence, whether they are indulging in timeless Hungarian classics or exploring the bold flavors of their new vegan range.

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